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Description :

ON SALE! NATURAL-LAXER MIX is the ORIGINAL Authentic Chemical-Free Natural Hair Relaxer & Natural Skin Care, ALL IN ONE, 2ND TO NONE.

Chemical-free Natural Organic Natural Hair Relaxer is a gentle natural relaxer that gradually loosens the curl to manage your Natural Hair. Baka Beautiful Natural-Laxer loosens, defines, and strengthens, not straightens.

It does not alter the structure of the hair. Natural-Laxer Mix gently opens up the natural curl/wave pattern making hair more manageable. It defines your natural curl or wave pattern.

Because it is 100% NATURAL, non-caustic, and mild, NATURAL-LAXER MIX is safe for home application and is an excellent natural alternative for youth and adults. It is great for all hair types and for facials, as well.

Natural-Laxer Mix is a blend of sun-dried, exotic pulverized herbs along with pure unadulterated clay from the Sahara Desert. This unique blend when mixed with Natural-Laxer Rose Water & Natural-Laxer Argan Hair Oil and applied to the hair has an amazing effect on the health and condition of the hair and skin.

Natural-Laxer MIX allows women, and the entire family, to give themselves a spa treatment, at home or to have a spa day at their favorite salon. Try Natural-Laxer Mix KITS, which have everything you need. Recommended for 1st time users.

INGREDIENTS: Sahara Clay, myrtle, rose petals, fenugreek, nettle, sage

SIZE: 2 oz Net Wt. dry powdered contents, packaged in either 4 oz or 2 oz sized sealed jars. When mixed with Natural-Laxer Rose Water or water, Natural-Laxer Mix expands to 4+ oz.

NATURAL-LAXER MIX KITS are all inclusive and recommended for best results. Natural-Laxer HAIR OIL eliminates dryness, gives a velvety finish. Don't forget your Natural-Laxer ROSE WATER to mix into the Natural-Laxer Mix for moisture and softness.

ROSE WATER is a very important to mix into the Natural-Laxer Mix, because it softens, retains moisture and avoids dry results of hard water. NATURAL-LAXER MIX expands when mixed with ROSE WATER or Water as directed.

Natural-Laxer HAIR OIL, when added, further enhances the results of the Natural-Laxer Mix by adding more smoothness & pliability to the hair, combats dryness.

MAINTENANCE: VITALMIST MOISTURE INFUSION, CAMEL MILK infused Leave-in HAIR REPAIR CONDITIONER, Natural-Laxer ARGAN HAIR OIL, Biotin Botanical SMOOTHEE are ALL LEAVE-IN MAINTENANCE CONDITIONERS that are especially formulated for DRY HAIR Types and applicable for ALL Hair Types.

Choice: 10% Discount on 3+ Natural-Laxer Mix. FREE USA SHIPPING on All Total Product Orders of $100+.

Price $14.99
Model jar
Manufacturer Baka Beauty Products
Size 2 oz
Weight 2 oz.

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