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We, at Baka Beauty Products, would like to share some of our favorite testimonials....

"Natural-Laxer Mix changes, not alters, the hair texture. The hair becomes softer and easier to comb through. I didn't have to put anything extra on the hair to blow dry because it already has what it needs, like a leave-in conditioner. My customers love it because they feel the difference immediately. Natural-Laxer Mix helps with split ends and gives the hair tensile strength.

Mixing Natural-Laxer Mix with Natural-Laxer Hair Oil makes it feel like "velvet". It gives it sheen because the Natural-Laxer Hair Oil penetrated the hair shaft. From scalp to ends, it's smooth. Hair strengthens instantly, especially for Dry, Brittle Hair.

The Natural-Laxer Mix doesn't straighten but smoothes and the Natural-Laxer Hair Oil adds the velvet touch or finish...Nothing else needed. My Customers love it and are walking advertisements and referrals. Also my retail sales of Baka Beautiful products are fantastic.

Natural-Colors for Gray is AWESOME! It takes on hair quickly, covers gray well, leaves hair soft not brittle and manageable. It lasts longer than a rinse. Once I use it on customers, they don't want any thing else. It takes a much longer time to see any gray again. The "Black Color" is a Natural looking Black Color. Natural-Colors for Gray prevents thinning from coloring because there is no peroxide or harsh chemicals.

Baka Beauty

Silk Cream Shampoo is silky velvet on the hair. It cleans without residue and makes the hair feel soft and moisturized. It works on all hair types. Max Moist Shampoo also softens and cleans without residue and smells so good. You don't have to use a lot of it. It's color safe so that the color doesn't fade. Silk Protein Conditioner is like butter. It softens and silks out the hair instantly. It makes the hair more manageable to comb. It's for all hair types and just a little is needed to get good results. You can feel the elasticity in the hair, bounce, and manageability.

As a Natural Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist, I find that people are looking for more natural products. Many customers are on medications and they appreciate my offering them these products because they can see the difference immediately. Chemical medications and chemical hair products are a damaging mixture. My customers are very happy that they have a Natural Alternative for their hair. Thank you BAKA Beautiful!"
Stephon of StephStyles Natural Hair Salon......West Palm Beach, FL

"WOW! The Natural-Laxer HAIR OIL you recommended is Great! I flat ironed my hair and the stuff is awesome and smells great. It looks like I just washed my hair because my hair looks so silky. One of my co-workers asked me about my hair because the NL Hair Oil made that big of a difference."

"I am currently growing my hair out of the relaxer. I am not bold enough to do the big chop. I was looking for a product that would make my hair easier to manage. I found this wonderful product, tried it, and love it. My hair is feels healthier, and it is so much easier to manage my two textures of hair. The natural laxer allows me to get more time out of straightening my hair. It used to last only four days. It's been almost a full week and my hair is still straight. Wonderful!"
Brandi......Memphis, Tennessee

"I have attached my Natural-Laxer review for you! Again, I was very pleased with results. I included some still shots at the end.""

"I use the Natural-Laxer treatment and the various Baka Beautiful shampoos on my 2 year old daughter. I was a skeptic at first but seeing what it had done for others I was amazed. Once I had used it on my daughter's hair I am now a believer. Her hair is VERY thick and hard to comb. Other products made her hair very dry and frizzy. Braiding her hair was always painful and long. After using the Natural-Laxer with the silk protein shampoo and conditioner her hair is soft, easy to comb and style! Thank you Baka Beautiful!!"

"Living in humid Florida makes wearing sleek straight styles almost impossible. Since I started using Baka Beautiful's Natural-Laxer, my naturally curly hair easily goes from Curly to Straight without chemicals..
People constantly compliment me & are shocked that my hair is this straight without chemicals.
I am 25 and never wanted to chemically relax my hair and with Natural-Laxer Mix, I won't have to"
Tiffanie......Wellington, Florida

"Hey Ladies!!
Interested in what appears to be one of the most effective methods for stretching your relaxer or transitioning?
Pre-poo + Co wash + Baka natural - laxer + Co wash = Silky, soft, manageable hair!
It works wonders because this method helps to keep the hair moisturized, tangle free, strong and soft, soft, soft!!"
Afrolicious......United Kingdom,
U.K. Distributor - Natural Afro Beauty

"Spent thousands trying everything to stop breakage & control my frizzy hair.
I'm 64 and multi-racial. WOW, what a change in my hair, after I used Natural-Laxer Mix,
It bounces, it's longer, and the breakage stopped immediately.
In hospital nursing, you could judge my day, by my hair. Not anymore!
But now, I blow dry it, flat iron it & it's under control, healthy, growing, and laying on my shoulders,

Natural & Eco friendly products for hair care, hair repair, and manageability

"I have a head full of coarse, unruly, shoulder length hair and wanted something natural thatt
would semi relax it. I tried the Natural-Laxer, with a positive mind & reminding myself thatt
it would not straighten my hair. I noticed that my hair wasn't as puffy. I blow dried my hair and ran a warm comb through it. That's when I saw the change. With just a warm comb, my hair was
soft, more manageable. Even 3 days later, the Humidity didn't frizz it.
Like it says it won't straighten your hair, but it makes it much more manageable & soft..
It truly enhances your natural hair. Natural Hair wearers will love this! Jo'

"I love, love, love your Natural-Laxer MIX product. It is the best thing made for women!!!"
Tamika.......Philadelphia, Pa.

"I'm so excited about Natural-Laxer MIX. Thanks again for saving me from chemically
altering my hair! I am so happy." Courtney Wright... Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

"This product is wonderful!! The Natural-Laxer MIX began loosening my extremely tight curls
on the 1st application, making my hair softer and easy to manage. I'm really loving this...
no more texturizers." Deborah.......Charlotte, N.C.

"I am so happy to have found your product. I will see how I may be able to help get the word out."
Marsha Thompson....Saprano, Opera Divaria

"I'm still BakaBeautiful Beautiful!!! My LOCKS are lovin' Sahara Clay GQ....Artist, Composer


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Conditioning Leave-in Detangling Spray
Vitamist Infuses moisture and vitamins into thirsty hair and locks
Vitamist Infuses moisture
Light conditioning leave-in detangling spray. Active botanicals condition and detangle hair while repairing split ends to leave hair looking and feeling healthy.


100% Natural
100% Chemical-FREE

100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE
The 100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE Natural-laxer™ & Sahara Clay™ have been unique features of our Natural hair spa Treatments, & they work simultaneously on Hair & Skin.


This is the Company which imports exotic, rare herbs and raw materials to formulate, manufacture and package quality, innovative Natural Hair & Skin Care Products. Since 1990, this company introduced, the original Natural-Laxer TM, to the marketplace.

Natural Hair & Skin Care Products

Baka TV
Natural-Laxer Mix Natural-Laxer Mix Kit Silk Protein Conditioner & Shampoo Sahara Clay Head Start Kit Natural Colors regular and for gray
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