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Can I use it over a chemical perm? Yes, strengthens, adds bounce.
Will it break my hair? Heals not harms, repairs, strengthens
Will it straighten my hair? Manages, controls, loosens, not straighten
Will it relax my hair? Gradually loosens with continuous use
Does it have any Chemical ingredients? NO! 100% Natural 100% herbal
Will it change my natural hair? NO. It enhances, adds manageability
Will it tame the "frizzies"? Yes and reduces reversion
What will it do for my locks? Deep cleanse, soften, revitalize, strengthen
How often can I use it? As often as desired
Does it burn? No burning, No chemical odor
How long can I leave it in? No time limit. Suggest follow directions
Is it safe for Teens and Pre-teens? Yes. Chemical-free. Recommended
Can I use it before/after Braids? Yes, strengthens and reduces shedding
Can I use it between perms? Yes, strengthens and reduces chemical damage
Will it help while growing out of perm? Yes, it stops breakage, helps transition out of a perm.

Natural_Laxer MixNATURAL-LAXER MIX Facts:

COLOR: Natural-Laxer Mix does not discolor the hair. Color can be applied immediately because Natural-Laxer Mix is Chemical-Free

PERM: Natural-Laxer Mix will give new life to your permed hair and prevent further breakage. It can be applied over a perm for added protection and it is also an excellent transitional product from permed to natural.

RELAXER: It gradually loosens the wave or curl pattern for greater manageability and control.

100% Natural 100% herbalNATURAL: Your natural hair will be more manageable and naturally enhanced defining your true curl or wave pattern without permanently altering the structure of your hair.

LOCKS: softens while strengthens. Clarifies and extracts impurities for luster and revitalization. Deep cleanses without drying detergents.

WAVY: Smoothes out waves for maximum smoothness without a perm.

STRAIGHT: A straight look can be achieved with flat iron or warm comb plus it will not revert easily.

Natural-Laxer MIX Kit


Natural ColorsSecrets of Natural-Colors have been cherished throughout the ages and endure the test of time in ancient lands. Famous beauties such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra used henna/plant to enhance their hair coloring. Today it is used by women and men who understand that NATURAL-COLORS for hair is a natural alternative to chemical tints, which are controversial to health considerations.

NATURAL-COLORS presents a rainbow of Natural-Colors, which are natural and herbal with no additives, no chemicals, no pesticides. It coats each hair shaft with henna-based Natural-Colors which blend naturally and fades gradually over 4-6 weeks. It smoothes and seals the hair's cuticle for greater shine and body. Since it coats the hair shaft, it is to be applied after any Natural-Laxer applications.  In our customized recipes, we have found that our Natural-Colors Organic Apple Cider Vinegar when mixed with Natural-Colors powder yields the most effective results for color adherence and supple healthy hair results. Natural-Colors with Gray coverage colors all hair types, both gray and non-gray. It does not lighten the hair because it does not contain the chemicals to lift color from the hair.

Henna comes from small shrubs, called Lawsonia, that are native to the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa. The leaves are dried then pulverized into a fine powder. We present the finest quality 100% organic henna blended with other natural plant colors for best color results.

Natural-Colors plates each strand of hair. The shade of henna is reflected through the hair while enhancing your hair's natural color. It is also a conditioner. The cuticle is smoothed by henna's sealing action, giving hair a polished look. Because the cuticle is tight and flattened, the hair is protected from atmospheric conditions such as sun and air pollution.
As Natural-Colors is applied every 4-6 weeks, the color blends so naturally and fades gradually, there is never a noticeable regrowth area.

While Natural-Laxers penetrate to extract impurities, repair, and smooth the hair, Natural-Colors protects, coats and seals the hair.

Chemical relaxers and chemical coloring is a "losing" combination.

To be naturally BAKA BEAUTIFUL, is a Winning Combination!


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Conditioning Leave-in Detangling Spray
Vitamist Infuses moisture and vitamins into thirsty hair and locks
Vitamist Infuses moisture
Light conditioning leave-in detangling spray. Active botanicals condition and detangle hair while repairing split ends to leave hair looking and feeling healthy.
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This is the Company which imports exotic, rare herbs and raw materials to formulate, manufacture and package quality, innovative Natural Hair & Skin Care Products. Since 1990, this company introduced, the original Natural-Laxer TM, to the marketplace.

Natural Hair & Skin Care Products

100% Natural
100% Chemical-FREE

100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE
The 100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE Natural-laxer™ & Sahara Clay™ have been unique features of our Natural hair spa Treatments, & they work simultaneously on Hair & Skin.

Baka TV
Natural-Laxer Mix Natural-Laxer Mix Kit Silk Protein Conditioner & Shampoo Sahara Clay Head Start Kit Natural Colors regular and for gray
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