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In 1981, the name BAKA was introduced to me as I was importing African Art & Artifacts from Ghana, West Africa. I was told by Ghana historians that BAKA is a huge Tree with many branches of green leaves. Many stories are/were told under the shade of this tree and therefore the story of these art pieces should be told as before under the BAKA tree. So in 1981 BAKA INTERNATIONAL was formed with the logo of tall trees and a red-orange sunset to let the story be told.

My journey throughout 19 countries in Africa also began in 1981 until now. Many Africans claim that I’ve traveled to more countries in Africa than most Africans…North, West, Central, South, East…many times over. Throughout my journey, BAKA always came into my life or never left. While travelling in Central African Republic 1984/5, I was introduced to a natural Hair Braider, who skillfully and lovingly braided my natural hair into an intricate style and her family name is BAKA. I had already heard of the BAKA people who lived in the Rain Forest of Central Africa and are known herbalists. I was very happy and excited to meet a BAKA family member. This inspired me to open the very First Hair Braiding Salon in Philadelphia named BAKA BEAUTIFUL.

BAKA BEAUTIFUL Hair Braiding Salon had the best professional braiders from Africa and America. Their exquisite hair braiding techniques and the African ambiance made BAKA BEAUTIFUL Braiding Salon an instant success starting in 1990. At the same time I discovered that there was a real need to care for the hair with natural hair care products. So in 1990 I traveled to Africa to find healthy hair herbs. I explored areas where our chemical hair care products were unknown and not being used to care for their healthy hair. I selected countries where the hair types have similarities ranging from kinky to curly to wavy to bi-racial hair types. How were they managing their hair without chemicals or braids? When English and French did not take me to the point of my mission, I used local language translators and through a friend, I met a North African herbalist who specializes in and mixes healthy herbs for both hair and skin. What is her name? Her name is BAKA!

Tons of herbs & clay were imported in 1990. My import was greeted by all the USA agencies including Swat. My clearance broker called to ask me if I was sure it was what I said it was? Waited several days holding my breath and it was successfully cleared. This was the beginning of Baka Beautiful Natural Products and the 1st generation of Natural-Laxer tm was introduced in 1990. We used our hair healthy natural products before & after braids. We used it on the most difficult hair types to manage/control and it worked. We developed hair treatments for thinning and balding because these areas needed attention while in braids not just covering it up. In 1990, to introduce a 100% Natural, Chemical-Free, Natural-Laxer tm, we were ahead of our time. Now, in the 21st century, through consumer awareness, demand and need for Natural Alternative hair care products, the time is Now and has caught up to us. BAKA and BAKA is alive and naturally well with more than 30 unique natural hair and skin care products marketed nationally and internationally, for a better health.


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Conditioning Leave-in Detangling Spray
Vitamist Infuses moisture and vitamins into thirsty hair and locks
Vitamist Infuses moisture
Light conditioning leave-in detangling spray. Active botanicals condition and detangle hair while repairing split ends to leave hair looking and feeling healthy.


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UK/England Distributor
Paris, France

Nathalie en France
Lyon, France
Saudi Arabia
Afrolin Hair Distributor

This is the Company which obtains exotic, rare herbs and raw materials to formulate, manufacture and package quality, innovative Natural Hair & Skin Care Products. Since 1990, this company introduced, the original Natural-Laxer TM, to the marketplace and now you can become a reseller or just order it for you and your friends.


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100% Natural
100% Chemical-FREE

100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE
The 100% natural & 100% chemical-FREE Natural-laxer™ & Sahara Clay™ have been unique features of our Natural hair spa Treatments, & they work simultaneously on Hair & Skin.

Natural-Laxer Mix Natural-Laxer Mix Kit Silk Protein Conditioner & Shampoo Sahara Clay Head Start Kit Natural Colors regular and for gray
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